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The Trine Aspects, Ltd Recruiting Process

  1. SOURCING Trine uses many avenues to find its potential candidates to fulfill its clientís needs. Listed below are the techniques used to provide service.

    Referrals: This is the first point of reference, utilizing current and previous employees who are proven to provide above average services to our clients. Trine feels that this is the most under utilized resource in the Information Technology arena and goes to great lengths to keep this extending pipeline current.

    Database: With over 20 years of IT staffing experience Trine has compiled a database of current resources that it uses to provide services to its clients.

    Relationships & Alliances: For certain projects Trine utilizes key relationships and alliances that it has retain throughout the years to fulfill its clients needs.

    Internet: Along with many other firms Trine utilizes numerous jobsites, as a last resort, to find leaders in the industry.

  2. PERSONAL INTERVIEWING The interview process has three different phases:

    Technical Skills: The technical phase is use to get a feel for the consultants general skill level and progresses to more focused questions on the consultants area of expertise. Trine utilizes technical employees to administer interview as well as Internet test sites to ensure potential candidates technical ability.

    Interpersonal skills: The personality/communication phase is used to determine the consultant's overall demeanor.

    Evaluation: Based on the information now gathered it is assessed if the consultant will be considered for the client or discarded as a viable candidate for this particular requisition.

  3. VERIFICATION OF REFERENCES The consultant must provide at least three references that meet Trinesí requirements.

    • The reference must be of a company employee that the consultant reported to. Anyone other then an employee of the client the consultant worked for can't be accepted as a reference.
    • The consultant's job responsibilities included on their resume are compared to what the references feel the consultantís responsibilities were.
    • References are asked the strengths and weakness of the consultant, both technical and non-technical, the reliability of the consultant, punctuality of the projects, as well as if they would hire this consultant again based on past performance.
    • Date validation of the consultant's assignment is verified by the reference.
    • Every attempt is made to verify the reference did supervise this particular consultant.